The Film

Mr ACCIDENT is a satirical, romantic rocket ride through the lives of a bunch of losers hurtling into the chaos that is contemporary life. It's a circus of cool catastrophes underpinned by a moral tale about the downside of addiction and corporate globalisation. It's a trip!

Roger Crumpkin (Yahoo Serious) is Earth's most accident prone human being. A maintenance man at the spectacular 'Sydney Egg House', he scrambles everything, from eggs to relationships. Cheerful incompetence belies the loneliness and isolation of Roger Crumpkin - a disturbing symbol of 21st century urban man. He is intimidated by everything from the opposite sex to his cantankerous toaster. Roger's 'obsessive-compulsive dismantling fixation' has dominated his life since childhood. As a result of his family's violent rejection of his creative mind he 'never used his imagination again'. Roger's obsession for dismantling domestic appliances is a metaphor for his life, which is 'rapidly and tragically falling apart' according to his only friend Lyndon (Grant Piro).

Sunday Valentine (Helen Dallimore) is a chicken sexer from a Bucket Flats egg farm who is forced to 'crash' at the apartment of her neurotic friend, police officer Rikki Rogerson (Jeanette Cronin). Lonely, Sunday dreams that one day she will discover proof that we're not alone in the universe. Her maniacally jealous boyfriend, ex-tobacco company executive Duxton Chevalier (David Field), extorts his way into controlling his brother's (Garry McDonald) egg factory.

When eccentric Roger unearths a mysterious "hubcap", buried for millions of years then accidentally falls for Sunday Valentine, these two shy, innocent misfits are catapulted into a romantic adventure of epic mishaps. Have two of the dumbest people on Earth unlocked the secret to finding intelligent life in space?

Enigmatic Chevalier instigates an ingenious scheme which threatens chickens worldwide then turns his unpredictable psychotic bent on destroying Sunday. While his relationship with Sunday is "going through a rough patch", pathetic Roger realises he must somehow quit smoking and overthrow Chevalier's insidious plans.