Mysterious stranger, Paul Livingston (aka Flacco) anxiously watches Roger Crumpkin's attempt at discovering the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence.


Charismatic refrigerator salesman Bob Downe demonstrates the 'top-of-the-range, state-of-the-art, twin-door, auto-defrost Arctic Prince 2000'.


Rat's photograph temporarily borrowed by the Drug Squad

Nicotine pusher 'Rats' (Felix Williamson) barman of ultra cool Rats Nightclub demonstrates his hospitality.


Corporal Bridgette (Lisbeth Gorr) becomes sexual predator at Duxton's birthday party.


Natasha (Pippa Grandison) lights up for Roger Crumpkin. "So do you find people who smoke attractive?"


Roger Crumpkin's father (David Hoey) ejects him from the family "Us Crumpkins are parts people! We don't make things up we take things to pieces, always have, always will. No dinner and you can stay out here until all this imagination nonsense is washed out of your silly little head!"


Heartbroken Little Roger (Branden Zandstra) "I never used my imagination again."