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DAVID FIELD - Duxton Chevalier

Duxton Chevalier is an enigmatic but menacing character. His warm, sympathetic personal attributes are forever counterpointed by outbursts of uncontrollable vileness.

Comments David: "Duxton Chevalier is a very corporate animal, driven by money and profit. He’s incredibly friendly until something or someone upsets him. Then he turns into a bit of a psychopath. He actually carries an axe in his bag! As a character he was huge fun to play. In fact I’ve been waiting for a character like this since I started acting!" The role was a fairly physical one, something that David took on board with great relish: "I trained as an acrobat when I first started acting, and this was the first chance I had to use some of that training. I really enjoyed the fact that I had the opportunity to perform my own stunts. It was very exhilarating, very exciting and of course we had a huge amount of fun." Co-starring in Mr ACCIDENT is the first movie role in which David Field has been able to show his incredible range as a comedy actor.

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David has just directed his acclaimed contemporary production of "The Misanthrope" at Belvoir Street and is currently co-starring in the movie "Chopper". A graduate of the National Institute of Dramatic Art, David Field’s numerous feature film credits include "Silent Partner" in which he starred and co-produced; "Sample People" co-starring Kylie Minogue; "The Order" for director Aden Young; "Two Hands" for director Gregor Jordan, starring Bryan Brown and Heath Ledger; "Blackrock" for director Steven Vidler; the short film "Stitched" directed by Gregor Jordan; "The Small Man"; "On Our Selection" for director George Whaley; "Exile", directed by Paul Cox; "Every Night Every Night"; "Broken Highway"; "Just Desserts" directed by Monica Pellizzari; "Seeing Red"; "Earthbound" and "Ghosts Of The Civil Dead".

Television credits include the Australian series’ "Wildside"; "Water Rats"; "The Man From Snowy River"; "Blue Heelers"; "Police Rescue" and the U.S. movie-of-the-week "Beast". Field is also one of Australia’s most respected theatre actors with credits including "The Club"; "The Swan"; "Funerals And Circuses"; "The Trackers Of Oxyrhyncus"; and "Jonah", for the Sydney Theatre Company; "Picasso At The Lapin Agile" for director Neil Armfield; "Dead Heart", "Cosi", "Low", "No Sugar"; "The Tempest", "Conquest Of The South Pole" and "Drums Of Thunder", for the Belvoir Street Theatre; "Shadow Boxing" and "Dali" for the Stables Theatre.