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In Mr ACCIDENT Grant Piro plays Lyndon, a responsible, highly capable egg company accountant who is not only Roger’s flatmate but his only friend. Although at times Lyndon is infuriated with accident-prone Roger and intimidated by his schizophrenic boss Chevalier, he generously and confidently counsels them both about the opposite sex.

Comments Grant: "Where Yahoo’s character Roger is a disaster zone, Lyndon seems perfect in every way. As the film progresses though, we begin to see his true nature. He’s an accountant and basically he’ll do whatever it takes to stay in favour and to get ahead. But he really does care about Roger and does what he can to keep Roger safely out of trouble." He continues: "Comedy is my genre so I was exceptionally happy to be offered a role in a Yahoo Serious film. Mr ACCIDENT is a genuine tribute to the comedy greats going all the way back to Buster Keaton so I had an absolute ball making it. Yahoo is very inspirational to work with — certainly not a traditional film maker! The collaboration was exciting. We’d be filming a scene and someone would suddenly sniff potential stupidity in something, so we’d all go to work on this new joke, which is a very refreshing and exciting way to develop material."


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Grant Piro’s feature film credits include "Amy" directed by Nadia Tass, starring Rachel Griffiths; "Joey" directed by Ian Barry for Village Roadshow Pictures; "Angkor" for director Carl Shultz; "Bad Boy Bubby" directed by Rolf DeHeer; George Miller’s "Bushfire Moon"; "Sebastian & The Sparrow" directed by Scott Hicks; "The Lighthorsemen" for director Simon Wincer; "Call Me Mr Brown" directed by Scott Hicks; "Playing Beatie Bow" directed by Don Crombie for the South Australian Film Corporation; the short films "Abduction — Who’s Next" directed by Mario Andreacchio, "Fair Deal" and "Push Start" directed by Scott Hicks.

Television credit include the series "Good Guys Bad Guys"; "Twisted Tales"; "G.P.";
"The Territorians" for Robert Bruning Productions; "McCleod’s Daughters"; "ABC TV’s "The Bite", "Correlli", "Janus", "Couch Potato", "Finders Keepers",

"The River Kings"; "Glad Rags"; "Second Child"; "Casualty" for BBC TV (UK); "Shelly" for Thames TV (UK); "Wife Begins At Forty" for BBC TV; "Captain Johnno"; "Pals" and "Sons And Daughters".

Theatre credits include "Moby Dick", "Under Milkwood", "Taking Steps", "Much Ado About Nothing", "Pravda" for the State Theatre Company; "Station 2, Eye Of Another" for the Red Shed Theatre Company; "It Runs In The Family" for the Westcliffe Repertory Theatre (UK); "Wife Begins At Forty" for the London Theatre Of Comedy; "Beauty And The Beast" and "The Weekenders" for the Stage Company.