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HELEN DALLIMORE - Sunday Valentine

In Mr ACCIDENT Helen Dallimore plays Sunday Valentine. In her mid-twenties, Sunday is a vivacious but vulnerable refugee from a Bucket Flats egg farm. An ingenuous misfit, the dipsy uncertainty of her character is reflected in her dress sense, a kooky kaleidoscope of disparate fashions. All her life Sunday has been convinced by those around her that she is stupid and has protected herself by playing the clown.

Comments Helen: "When I first read the script I couldn’t stop laughing. I’ve never had that experience before where I’ve thought ‘I have to play this character’. Yahoo doesn’t know it but that role was written for me!" She continues: "I don’t know anyone else other than Yahoo who makes this kind of comedy. It’s very physical and classic yet its an inventive style that appeals to everyone. You couldn’t see this film and not laugh your head off!"

Helen says that her character Sunday "is a cross between a girl with old-fashioned values and a modern woman who is coming into her own. She’s very caring but she comes to learn that you can’t help everyone! Sunday and Roger are in fact fairly simple individuals who are able to help each other achieve a little more by pooling their somewhat complicated resources!"

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A graduate of Australia’s National Institute of Dramatic Arts (NIDA), Helen Dallimore’s feature film credits include "The Sugar Factory" starring Matt Day; the short films "Eternally Yours" which she also wrote and produced and "Colorblind". She also directs and performs in productions of the innovative theatre group, "Hair of the Dog". Helen is currently singing and dancing her way through the Hollywood production of South Pacific filming in Queensland. Television credits include the acclaimed mini-series "Day Of The Roses" for Liberty and Beyond Productions; the series "All Saints", "Home And Away" for the Seven Network; the animated series "The Magic Mountain" for Southern Star Entertainment; "Flipper" for Village Roadshow Productions; "Pacific Drive"; "G.P." for ABC TV; and the popular series "Water Rats". Dallimore’s theatre credits include "One Notion" for the Stables Theatre Company; the Solo Cabaret show "I Will Survive" for the Australian Museum, Sydney; "Pentecost" for the Sydney Theatre Company; "The American Clock" and "Traitors" for the New Theatre as well as numerous productions for NIDA.