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JEANETTE CRONIN — Rikki Rogerson

Rikki Rogerson is a sardonic, dedicated policewoman who’s proud of her achievements. Only a year ago she was working with her friend Sunday as a chicken sexer at an egg farm in Bucket Flats. Rikki tolerates Sunday’s oddball behaviour but can’t help belittling her dress sense.

Jeanette Cronin gives a standout performance as ex-chicken sexer, now neurotic cop, Rikki Rogerson. Says Jeanette: "Rikki believes she finally has her life worked out perfectly. She’s in a very supportive relationship — unfortunately it’s with the only male who has ever been loyal, her police dog, Wayne."

Says Yahoo: "Rikki was a cracker of a character to write. However I never imagined that she could have such a genuine heartfelt and inspired madness as the life Jeanette breathed into her. Given even the slightest impetus Jeanette is scarily funny. A master of comic timing and withering wit she is totally fearless in pursuit of her character’s truth. For example in wardrobe fittings she had the costume designer Anna Borghesi and her team in hysterics as she requested an ever bigger bum to be fitted. Jeanette’s character Rikki can sure be intimidating but she can’t hide her big heart anymore than she can hide her gigantic bottom."

A graduate of Australia’s National Institute of Dramatic Arts, Jeanette Cronin’s feature film credits include the critically acclaimed "The Boys" directed by Rowan Woods, starring Toni Collette; "Dark City" directed by Alex Proyas, starring William Hurt and Keifer Sutherland; "Blackrock" for director Steven Vidler; "Thank God He Met Lizzie" starring Cate Blanchett; "Terra Nova"; "Billy’s Holiday" directed by Richard Wherrett; "The Nostradamus Kid" for director Bob Ellis; "Waiting"; "Harbour Beat" for director David Elfick; "Boyfriend From Hell"; the short films "Sparks", "No Need To Stand" and "Dante’s Infirmary".

Television credits include "Return To Jupiter"; "House Gang" directed by Mandy Smith; "Passion"; "Janus" for ABC TV; "The Comedy Sale"; "Rescue III"; "A Country Practice" for the Seven Network; "G.P." for ABC TV; "The Investigators"; "The Last Resort"; "Emma" and "Willesee’s Australians — Errol Flynn".

Theatre credits include "The Crucible" for the Sydney Theatre Company, for which she received a Green Room Award nomination for Best Female Actor in a Leading Role, in 1996; "Clerk In Sarajevo" for the Griffin Theatre Company; "A Midsummer Nights Dream" for Elston Hocking Woods; "Miss Julie", "The Stronger" for the State Theatre Company of South Australia; "All Souls" for the Griffin Theatre; "No Dangly Bits" for the Melbourne Comedy Festival; "The Temple", "The Trackers Of Oxyrhynchus", "Siren", "Big & Little", "The Great Gatsby" for the Sydney Theatre Company; "The Real Live Brady Bunch" for Colin McLennan and Associates; "Diving For Pearls" directed by Neil Armfield, for the Belvoir Street Theatre and "The Increased Difficulty Of Concentration" for AKTAK Productions.