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PEANUT — Audrey

Audrey the Jack Russell dog is clearly the love of Kelvin’s life. When not wandering the vast egg processing plant inside the world famous Sydney Egg House, she drinks cappuccino with Kelvin. Following the corporate overthrow and disappearance of Kelvin, Audrey makes herself at home in Roger’s apartment where she becomes a TV football addict. Will this born coward and opportunistic canine find the inner strength to help Roger save Sunday’s life?

Mr ACCIDENT is Peanut’s first movie. Like her fellow actors Peanut performed all her own stunts.

Says Yahoo: "I always work with kids and animals but this is the last time I’m going to act with my own dog. If I messed up a line and we had to do a second take, the sarcastic ‘get it right stupid’ stare from Peanut was humiliating. Anyway she actually is a TV sports fanatic so I really don’t understand all the fuss about her being a great actress, I mean she was just playing herself."