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YAHOO SERIOUS - Roger Crumpkin

Roger Crumpkin is the world’s most accident-prone human being. Every inanimate object he touches seems to respond with an almost human malevolence. Cheerfully incompetent, Roger is intimidated by everything from the opposite sex to his cantankerous toaster.

Comments Yahoo: "The character I play in Mr ACCIDENT is a complete idiot, but in the way that we are all idiots from time to time. It’s just that Roger makes the mistakes we might make over the course of a year in a single minute. He has a problem with any inanimate object". Serious continues: "Roger represents all the dumb things you have ever done in your life wrapped up into a single guy. His world is falling apart and like all of us he desperately needs love to keep himself glued together. The film itself is a wildly crazy adventure about a bunch of losers finding love amid the chaos of a world hurtling into a new millenium".

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Yahoo Serious grew up in the Hunter Valley near Newcastle, Australia. While painting at night he worked as a tyre fitter to save up to attend the National Art School. Eventually expelled for satirical conceptual artworks, he became a passionate filmmaker. At 21 he wrote, produced and directed "Coaltown", a documentary tracing the turbulent socio-political history of coalmining. The following year Yahoo won the Australian Penguin Award for Best Educational Documentary for his TV series "Lifestyle". Travelling extensively he began writing, directing and performing in experimental comedy films.

In 1988 Serious became the first Australian to write, direct, produce and star in a feature film. "Young Einstein" was a national and international hit both critically and at the box office. It went on to gross over $100 million and reach number one in many countries including Australia, Britain, France, Germany and Canada during 1989-90. In America "Young Einstein" was one of the most successful Australian movies ever released and became a cult classic. The movie's soundtrack, produced by Yahoo, went double platinum. "Young Einstein" is the incredible untold story of Albert Einstein, the genius Tasmanian apple farmer. In 1905 he discovered Relativity, in 1906 he invented Rock and Roll.

In February 1989, Yahoo was featured on the cover of TIME Magazine. In the same year he was the cover of MAD Magazine and received Cinema Honours from Harvard University USA and had his own MTV show in New York.

Serious wrote, directed, produced and starred in "Reckless Kelly" the comedic adventures of Ned Kelly, a Robin Hood-style outlaw who accidentally becomes a Hollywood movie star. It was the most popular film at the Australian box office on its release in 1993 and like "Young Einstein", was distributed internationally by Warner Bros. "Reckless Kelly" champions environmental issues, a new Australian flag, Aboriginal heritage and multiculturalism, while satirising gun-culture and Hollywood heroes.

Yahoo wrote/directed/produced and starred in Mr Accident, a dangerous romantic comedy about free range eggs, refrigerators and whether Mankind is alone in the Universe. Mr Accident premiered in Sydney as a celebration of Australian comedy during the Olympic Games. Now sold to all countries Mr Accident is soon to screen worldwide.

The "Serious" cinematic style is a collision of popular comedy and social satire. His work combines comedic physical performances with epic visuals and unorthodox themes.

Serious reflects: "I’ve always enjoyed celebrating the Australian sense of irony and our approach to satirising pretence. With first, the baggage of English cultural values, then more recently the deluge of Americana upon our young and developing culture, it’s vital that we champion our uniqueness. Movies are the great medium of popular culture and comedy is a great tool to celebrate who we are."

Yahoo Serious is an Australia Day Ambassador, a long time advocate for an Australian Republic, a keen traveller and a dedicated surfer. Made an honorary Doctor of Letters by the University of Newcastle in 1996 for his contribution to cinema arts, Dr Serious is concurrently writing two new movies and surfing on Sydney's northern beaches.