Roger Crumpkin (Yahoo Serious)

Roger Crumpkin is the world's most accident-prone human being. Every inanimate object he touches seems to respond with an almost human malevolence. Cheerful incompetence belies the loneliness and isolation of Roger Crumpkin - a disturbing symbol of 21st century urban man. He is intimidated by everything from the opposite sex to his cantankerous toaster. Roger's 'obsessive-compulsive dismantling fixation' has dominated his life since childhood. As a result of his family's violent rejection of his creative mind he 'never used his imagination again'. Roger's obsession for dismantling domestic appliances is a metaphor for his life, which is 'rapidly and tragically falling apart' according to his only friend Lyndon (Grant Piro).

It seems impossible that this messy, simpleton with the wild, dishevelled hair and a heart of gold will ever find a meaningful relationship with anything more than a goldfish. Then he accidentally collides with Sunday Valentine (Helen Dallimore) and suddenly begins to conquer his handicaps. The world may see Roger as a crazy stuff-up but Sunday finds in him a charmingly sweet eccentric who might just conquer the impossible.


Sunday Valentine (Helen Dallimore)

Sunday is a vivacious but vulnerable 'chicken sexer' from a Bucket Flats egg farm. An ingenuous misfit, her dipsy character is reflected in her dress sense, a kooky kaleidoscope of disparate fashions. All her life Sunday has been convinced by those around her that she is stupid and has protected herself by playing the clown.

Unable to handle the thought that we're alone, Sunday had embarked upon her own quixotic quest to find intelligent life in the universe. Ironically, Roger is the first person to acknowledge that she's got a brain. Sunday gains the confidence to take control of her life. A natural mender of things, she inspires Roger to reassemble his crazy, crumbling world.


Duxton Chevalier (David Field)

Chevalier is enigmatic, menacing and dresses on the spivvy side of slick. He's street-smart, hyper-fast and pathologically entrepreneurial. However unlike his older brother Kelvin (Garry McDonald), Duxton is chillingly unpredictable. His warm, sympathetic, personable attributes are forever counterpointed by outbursts of uncontrollable vileness.

Duxton genuinely adores Sunday and clearly enjoys male bonding with his employees, Lyndon and Roger. His problem is that he only understands relationships as a form of negotiation and love as a means of possession. There's no denying the subtle charm of this character or the comedy of his anally retentive neatness, it's just that he scares the living daylights out of everybody.


Lyndon (Grant Piro)

Lyndon, is a responsible, highly capable egg company accountant who is not only Roger's flatmate but also his only friend. Although at times Lyndon is infuriated with accident-prone Roger and intimidated by his schizophrenic boss Chevalier, he generously and confidently counsels them both about the opposite sex. Lyndon has a fetish for women in uniform and enjoys a constant stream of attractive female friends who seem charmed by his cool machismo. This fast-talking guy sure isn't lonely, unless it's all false bravado.


Rikki Rogerson (Jeanette Cronin)

Rikki is a sardonic, dedicated policewoman who's proud of her achievements. Only a year ago she was working with her friend Sunday as a chicken sexer at an egg farm in Bucket Flats. Rikki tolerates Sunday's oddball behaviour but can't help belittling her. Believing she had her life worked out perfectly, Rikki is in a very supportive relationship - unfortunately it's with the only male who has ever been loyal, her police dog, Wayne. Beneath Rikki's no-nonsense, brash exterior, she's like all the characters that inhabit this comedy - lonely and unconsciously craving something more. Maybe she'll find what she's looking for. Sure, she can be intimidating but she can't hide her big heart anymore than she can hide her gigantic bottom.


Kelvin (Garry McDonald)

Kelvin is Duxton's 'egg-headed' older brother. Eggs are the passion of Kelvin's life. He built the world famous Sydney Egg House on Sydney Harbour as a tribute to the egg. His devotion to business as a form of service to humanity is only eclipsed by his love for his dog Audrey. Immensely proud of the company that he built up from a single pair of leghorn layers (hens), he likes to think of his customers, his employees and even his chickens as one big happy family. Nostalgic and trusting, Kelvin fails to foresee danger even when it is staring him in the face.


Audrey (Peanut)

Audrey the Jack Russell dog is clearly the love of Kelvin's life. When not wandering the vast egg processing plant inside the world famous Sydney Egg House, she drinks cappuccino with Kelvin. Following the corporate overthrow and disappearance of Kelvin, Audrey makes herself at home in Roger's apartment where she becomes a TV football addict. Will this born coward and opportunistic canine find the inner strength to help Roger save Sunday's life?


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Paul Livingston (aka Flacco), Bob Downe, Felix Williamson, Libby Gorr, Pippa Grandison, David Hoey and Branden Zandstra.