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(co-writer and co-producer)

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DAVID ROACH - co-writer and co-producer

David co-producing with free range eggs

David Roach has been working with Yahoo Serious since the two met at Art School and collaborated on Yahoo's first film, a documentary called "Coaltown". On "Young Einstein", "Reckless Kelly" and Mr ACCIDENT, Roach has worked variously as a co-writer, co-producer and music editor. He has also supervised many of the creative and technical aspects of Serious Entertainment's productions.

Roach has lectured at the Australian Film School and conducted screen writing and film production workshops at colleges and universities throughout Australia. He is also a musician playing latin percussion and jazz with his own band. David is currently making corporate training films with a comedic twist.

Says Yahoo: "Dave and I have worked together on many and varied creative pursuits and nothing is more varied than the creative diversity of a movie. He is a multi-skilled film maker. Years ago we instigated a saying that you can always pick the Australian movie producer on a crew. He's the one with shit all over him carrying out the garbage when everyone else is home in bed. Over the years Dave has drifted in and out of various stages of the productions but on every movie we've made we often carry out the garbage together."