Yahoo Serious

Warwick Ross

Lulu Serious

David Roach
(co-writer and co-producer)

Steve Arnold
(director of photography)

Simon Martin

Nerida Tyson-Chew

LULU SERIOUS - co-producer

After attending the National Institute of Dramatic Art, Lulu Serious worked as an actress in theatre, television and film (notably "Mad Max"), throughout the early 80's. She studied corporeal expression with Margaret Barr, and mime with Jacques Lecoq at his famous school in Paris. She graduated with first class honours in Arts from Melbourne University, where she majored in Drama and Classical studies.

Having a parallel career as an artist, Lulu is a distinct and independent voice in Australian art. Painting is Sydney, New York and Europe she has successfully juggled the opposing private and public demands of canvas and film. Lulu says "Both mediums are powerful artistic expressions but painting is so much more personal." As a painter Lulu has been exhibited solo at the Mori Gallery, and in Group shows around Australia.

Following the release of their first feature, "Young Einstein", Lulu and Yahoo Serious were married in 1989.

As co-producer, Lulu is Yahoo's principle creative collaborator throughout the scripting, the movies' development and it's production. During pre-production she immerses herself in casting, visual design and costumes. Throughout the filming she focuses on performance. During post production Lulu is pivotal to both the editing process and the music. She collaborates on the design of the movie posters and soundtrack CD.

Says Yahoo: "Lulu is my partner in everything. She is an extremely versatile artist. Lulu works so silently that few people are aware that every character and every scene is so enriched by her critical eye and deft touch."