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STEVE ARNOLD - director of photography

Steve (centre) designing shot near Sydney Harbour

Steve Arnold is an award-winning director of photography. For his work on the feature film "Terra Nova" he received an ACS Gold Award for Best Photography In A Feature Film in 1997. In 1995 he received an ACS Silver Award for Best Photography in a Feature Film for "Turning April". He also received a Bronze Medal at the Film and Television Festival of New York for the short film "Machinations".

Other film credits include "Dating The Enemy" starring Guy Pearce and Claudia Karvan; the documentary "Not 14 Again" for director Gillian Armstrong; "All Men Are Liars" produced by John Maynard and directed by Gerard Lee; "Ebb Tide" for director Craig Lahiff; "Cops And Robbers" directed by Murray Reece; "Strangers" directed by Craig Lahiff; "Afraid To Dance"; the short films "The Promise" and "The Resting Place" for director Rebel Penfold-Russell.

Television credits include the critically acclaimed "Day Of The Roses" for which he received an ACS Silver Award for Best Photography in a Mini Series; the US telemovie "Doom Runners" directed by Brendan Maher; the US telemovie "Fable"; the series "Fire"; the series "Police Rescue" for which he received a Golden Monitor Award in the Drama Serial Category at the Umbriafication TV Festival (Italy); the telefeature "Mimi Goes To The Analyst" produced by Bob Weiss; the telefeatures "Malpractice" and "Mortgage" directed by Bill Bennett.

Arnold has worked on numerous documentaries including "Daylight Moon" which received a Golden Bear award at the Chicago Film Festival and a Gold Award at the Montreal Festival of Art Films; "Double Concerto" for which he received a Golden Tripod Award from the Australian Cinematographers Society; "Red Express: Steaming To Beijing"; "Wayne Gardener: World Champion"; "A Secret Country" and "Life's Labour Lost".

Says Yahoo: "Steve is a great visualist plus he's got this great, twisted sense of humour. Even while writing it, I felt the surreal world of our movie and it's bizarre characters would be best understood if bathed in vivid light and colour to heighten the comedy and tragedy. Steve embraced that as he 'painted' a beautiful movie in which he created old fashioned romantic visuals engulfed in a magic reality view of the world in 2000. Audiences have been astonished by the colour and uniqueness of visuals on this movie and it's a tribute to Steve that he could achieve such a new and spectacular look with our small budget."