Yahoo Serious

Warwick Ross

Lulu Serious

David Roach
(co-writer and co-producer)

Steve Arnold
(director of photography)

Simon Martin

Nerida Tyson-Chew


Warwick in his cameo role as the Pawnbroker in Mr Accident

Warwick Ross was born and educated in Hong Kong, moving to Australia as a teenager. He graduated from Melbourne University with honours in Mechanical Engineering.

In 1978 he attended the prestigious film school at the University of Southern California. There he produced two films within a twelve month period and submitted both to Columbia Pictures. They were impressed enough to find a job for him on the Brooke Shields' film "Blue Lagoon" as a production assistant, so that he might gain further experience.

Ross's Australian feature film credits include "Roadgames" directed by Richard Franklin; "Squizzy Taylor"; "The Return Of Captain Invincible" directed by Phillipe Mora and "Stanley" (as associate producer).

In 1985 Ross joined the team of Yahoo Serious, David Roach and Lulu Serious, to produce "Young Einstein". That film was a national and international hit both critically and at the box office, where it reached number one in Australia then went on to become an international hit and one of the most successful and popular Australian movies ever.

In 1993 Ross produced and co-wrote "Reckless Kelly" which again starred Yahoo Serious. "Reckless Kelly" was the most popular film at the Australian box office on its release and, like "Young Einstein", was distributed internationally by Warner Bros.

Says Yahoo: "Warwick has a wicked sense of humour that keeps us laughing through the toughest times. He's brilliant at stretching production dollars to allow our small budgets to accommodate big visual ideas. He makes it possible for us to create the crazy and hopefully, stylish worlds within our little Australian movies so they can compete with the flood of mega-budget Hollywood extravaganzas. Warwick has always been a valued collaborator during scripting which is clearly the most unacknowledged, most difficult and most creative period of the film-making process. His artistic judgements are always reliable through every phase of production and in particular editing.