Mr. Accident

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The Age - September 2000

"Mr. Accident, is by far the best, most admirable and enjoyable Australian film I have seen so far this year."

"In it's conception and execution, Mr Accident is superbly accomplished."

"Few Australian movies orchestrate this many aspects of cinematic language into such a pleasing whole."

"The film is a merry, surrealistic list of attractions great and small, suggesting some hitherto unimagined genre, like a sci-fi musical."

"Breakthrough: Writer, director and star Yahoo Serious has made a superbly accomplished film brimming with gags."

reviewed by Adrian Martin - The Age  



Sydney Morning Herald - September 2000

"It's a vibrant bit of black comedy guaranteed to send a pleasurable frisson through the inner child of all ages."

reviewed by Sandra Hall - Sydney Morning Herald


Slapstick humor abounds in 'Mr. Accident'

Here in the states, Australian humor is definitely an acquired taste. But once you have it, the craving for that wry blend of sophistication and innocence that's always three degrees off-center can only be satisfied by candy-colored movies such as "Mr. Accident."

reviewed by CHUCK GRAHAM - Tucson Citizen


Urban Cinefile - September 2000

"Explosion of crazy ideas, fun characters with a lot of laughs...through the craziness, we are encouraged to pursue our dream, to nurture our imagination."

reviewed by Louise Keller - Urban Cinefile

X-Press -September 2000

"Mr Accident is a sweet, screwball and charmingly innocent comedy that will appeal to kids as much has it does to adults...characters that are entirely lovable."

reviewed by Chelsea Hunter - X-Press

The Sun Herald - August 2000

Urban Cinefile - September 2000

"There ought to be an advisory notice before the credits start: 'Please leave all expectations and preconceptions at the door.' The film takes off at a tangent and unless you begin with an open mind, it will take a while to adjust your mindset."

reviewed by Andrew L. Urban - Urban Cinefile

Sydney Morning Herald - September 2000

Sydney Morning Herald - September 2000

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Mr Accident




Yahoo Serious (pictured) returns in another of his madcap slapstick Aussie comedies. In amongst the incredible mishaps that befall the hero is an opposites-attract romance between two of life’s great misfits. Roger Crumpkin (Serious) had any imagination beaten out of him as a kid and as a result has become a compulsive dismantler. Anything he gets he pulls apart, hardly ideal qualifications for being maintenance man in a Sydney egg factory. Too shy and accident-prone to go out with girls, Roger is resigned to spending the rest of his days loveless and surrounded by junk. But when he meets the equally oddball Sunday Valentine (Helen Dallimore), a chicken sexer from the country who has a compulsive disorder for fixing things and a passion for UFOs, Roger is smitten. His discovery of a mysterious VW hubcap buried in solid sandstone for millions of years could be proof of aliens and the way to Sunday’s heart. But first they’ll have to escape Roger’s serial killer boss, who turns out to be Sunday’s ex-boyfriend.

Reviewed by John Spence - The Daily Telegraph


In an interview recorded on the eve of the release of his latest film, Mr Accident, a physical comedy full of hairy stunts, Yahoo Serious tells Andrew L. Urban how he has survived doing the stunts in all his films; includes film clips.

See the video interview at the Urban Cinefile website -

Yahoo mixes yolks with jokes in 'Mr Accident'


LOOK out Australia, Yahoo Serious is back! The flame-haired funny man who burst onto screens back in 1989 with 'Young Einstein' has a new movie coming called 'Mr Accident' - more (including video interview special and movie trailer).

"Once again, he (Yahoo Serious) has let his fertile imagination run wild."

The Daily Telegraph - 8th September, 2000



Yahoo's Serious Accident!

Mr Accident is a dangerous romantic comedy about free range eggs, refrigerators and whether Mankind is alone in the Universe. Accidents aside, Mr Accident premiered in Sydney as a celebration of Australian comedy during the Olympic Games. Mr Accident screened worldwide in support of egg lovers, the seriously accident prone and the seldom appreciated art of chicken sexing.

Mr Accident stars Yahoo Serious as Roger Crumpkin, Helen Dallimore as Sunday Valentine, David Field as Duxton Chevalier, Grant Piro as Lyndon, Garry McDonald as Kelvin, Jeanette Cronin as Rikki and Peanut as Audrey.

Supporting comedy roles include Felix Williamson, Paul Livingston, Libby Gore, Bob Downe, Pippa Grandison and David Hoey.

Writer/director Yahoo Serious filmed Mr Accident in Sydney, Australia. Yahoo produced with Warwick Ross. Co-producers are Lulu Serious and David Roach.

Yahoo pokes himself in the eye with a camera at the Sydney Egg House

Accidents On Set

During production of his third feature film, Mr Accident in Sydney Australia, Yahoo was deeply moved by his collaborators.

"On set you'd get the impression that every actor, every crew member passionately believed in this movie", said Yahoo "There was dedication everywhere; broken legs, smashed cameras, yep they lived and died by their accident credo - a safe workplace is a boring workplace".

Despite performing hundreds of stunts Yahoo's injuries were kept to a minimum by his friend, stunt co-ordinator Rocky McDonald's clever suggestion that Yahoo land on his head as much as possible. The crew found this revolutionary technique also helped Mr Serious make better directorial decisions. Mr Accident sucessfully premiered in Sydney, Australia despite heavy lobbying from right wing safety groups who fear a wave of copycat accidents when the movie is released worldwide. Yahoo commented as he stepped from his Datsun 120Y which arrived by tow truck at the premiere "It's a fine line between the great Australian tradition of ridiculous, life threatening acts of gross stupidity and...arrrrgggghh!"

Rocky McDonald straps Yahoo into spinning stunt rig