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Mr ACCIDENT was filmed on location in Sydney, Australia and accidents aside, premiered in Sydney as a celebration of Australian comedy during the Olympic Games. It screened worldwide in support of egg lovers, the seriously accident prone and the seldom appreciated art of chicken sexing.

This contemporary comedy, written, directed and starring Yahoo Serious, was produced by Serious and Warwick Ross. Lulu Serious was co-producer with co-writer David Roach. Mr ACCIDENT is distributed internationally by MGM's independent film label United Artists and has now been sold to every territory worldwide.

Mr ACCIDENT stars Yahoo Serious, Helen Dallimore, David Field and Grant Piro. Co-stars are Jeanette Cronin, Garry McDonald and Peanut. The film also features a colourful smorgasbord of comedic cameos including Paul Livingston, Bob Downe, Felix Williamson, Libby Gorr, Pippa Grandison and David Hoey.

Serious plays Roger Crumpkin, the eccentric, accident-prone maintenance man at the world's most spectacular factory - the Sydney Egg House. He's intimidated by everything from his cantankerous ironing board to his goldfish. Lonely Roger literally falls for chicken sexer Sunday Valentine who dreams that one day she will prove the existence of extra-terrestrial life. Together they stumble onto ex-tobacco company executive Duxton Chevalier's insidious scheme to destroy the health of egg eaters world-wide.

Says writer/director Yahoo: "The film is a romantic comedy about free-range eggs, refrigerators and whether mankind is alone in the universe. It's a surreal adventure about a bunch of losers finding love amid the chaos of a world hurtling through the minefields of contemporary culture."

Sunday Valentine questioning 'extra-terrestrial intelligence'.

Roger Crumpkin, a man of questionable intelligence, pegs tongue during clothes line accident.

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