History of the Kelly Gang

Kelly Gang 1880

Ned 'Yahoo' Kelly next to bloke in white horse suit.

Kelly Gang 1901 (now with get-away bikes)

Ned 'Yahoo' Kelly armed to the teeth standing behind bloke in dog suit

Kelly Gang 1925 (gets motorised)

Multicultural Kelly Gang rebels against conservative government's White Australia policy.

Seen here - Chinese Kelly, German Kelly, Irish/Scottish/bit-of-everything Kelly and Aboriginal Kelly. Ned 'Yahoo' Kelly with 'don't-laugh-at-me-deadly' sub-machine gun seated on a bloke in pink motorbike suit.

Kelly Gang 1968 - Hippy era

Ned 'Yahoo' Kelly in tasteless flaired pants, joint and high powered rifle. In sidecar - Aboriginal Dan Kelly with hippy beads and shotgun.












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